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Aula oberta de dibuix de nu

With the tutorship of Josep Ubia

Preu: 45€ no membres / 35€ membres / 25€ estudiants / 55€ abonaments 5 sessions

  • Open Enrollment
  • Wednesday from 5.45pm to 8.15pm
    Tutoring from 17.45 to 18.15 [optional)
    Workshop from 18.15 to 20.15h
  • Passeig de Manresa, 22
    08202 Sabadell, Barcelona

Although it will continue to be an open classroom for drawing the human figure, this year we are adding a tutorial for those who wish, from the hands of Josep Ubia, a specialist in figure drawing and, especially, in artistic anatomy applied to the drawing of the human body, with a very ambitious program both theoretical and practical.


  • The importance of trae;: and textures:
  • Basic geometric figures.
  • Understanding of the human figure and its graphic interpretation.
  • Study of the human body: movement, rhythms, gestures.
  • Use of the skeleton
  • Structure of the human body.
  • Quick notes
  • Study of the torso.
  • The boss [based on the Loomisl system.
  • Limbs: Hands and feet.
  • The head and shoulders.
  • Artistic anatomy.
  • The tonal value.
  • The construction lines of the figure.
  • Textures applied to the figure and the background.
  • The angulations.
  • Organic outline drawing.
  • Negative and positive spaces.
  • The figure in clothes.


  • Aimed at adults, no previous experience required.


  • The material will be the usual for drawing and any artistic material that the student considers necessary for the development of his work. Both dry and wet techniques will be used. At the beginning of the course, a list of the material and its most appropriate use will be given.

A l’iniciar un taller caldrà abonar la matrícula:
Matrícula per als membres col·laboradors: import equivalent a una mensualitat del que el 50% es retornarà a la finalització del curs, sempre que el taller s’acabi. Tanmateix, s’atorgara un certificat d’assistència al curs.
Matrícula per als no membres col·laboradors: import equivalent a una mensualitat, en concepte de matrícula.

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